A big gratitude to our partners from Holland, who provided medical equipment, including an X-ray C-arm, for the urology department of “Hospital No. 1” of the Zhytomyr City Council. Thanks to this equipment, doctors will be able to diagnose diseases more accurately and will be able to save the lives of many people.


Rehabilitation equipment

War is a period of time when we are faced with an extraordinary amount of trauma and injury.

Our partners from Holland provided equipment for rehabilitation after severe injuries and illnesses for “Hospital No. 1” of the Zhytomyr City Council. It has already been installed in the rehabilitation department and is actively used in treating patients.


Charitable assistance for military brats

In this difficult time, CF “House of Bread” provided another charitable assistance to the children of soldiers who are currently serving and who died heroically defending our country. Children received new sports shoes.

Girl from Bucha. During the occupation, her house was completely destroyed.
Son of the deceased Hero of Ukraine, who died in September 2022. The boy stayed with his mother and sister.
Daughter of the deceased Hero of Ukraine, who died in December 2022. She is having a hard time dealing with grief after losing her father.
Boys whose parents are currently defending Ukraine.

Dental chair for the Lyubar psychoneurological dispensary

The last renovation of the dental office of the Lubarsk psychoneurological men’s dispensary took place back in the 70s of the 20th century. Thanks to our partners from Holland, the office was equipped with a new dental chair. It has already been installed, and the wards of the dispensary receive better treatment for their teeth.


Furniture for the Children’s City Hospital

In times of war, medical equipment is more needed than ever. We sincerely thank our partners from Holland, who provided hospital beds and bedside tables for the new surgical department of the  “Children’s Hospital named after V.Y. Basheka” Zhytomyr City Council.


Assistance to refugees from the war zone

Refugees from the war zone turn to us for help every day. They are forced to flee, leaving behind all their belongings. Many of them even lost their properties due to rocket fire, so they need literally everything. We help them with food packages and detergents.

Making food packages

Mother and daughter from Bakhmut receive food packages and detergents


Medical equipment from the Netherlands

We received humanitarian aid in the form of medical equipment from the Netherlands for the needs of the hospitals in Zhytomyr city and the Zhytomyr region.

Laparoscopy stands

Our hospitals received high-quality laparoscopy stands. They are being used to perform laparoscopic and endoscopic surgeries to provide much better treatment to patients every day.


Also, Zhytomyr regional hospital received a generator.

“This device is very important for us to provide medical assistance when there is a power outage. This is essential at a time like this when our enemies are bombing critical infrastructure of the city and as result, power cuts. But thanks to such equipment, our intensive care, and surgery room continue to work and we can provide emergency medical care”, says the head of the hospital, Bohdan Leskiv.


From the beginning of the war, Malyn and Ovruch communities of the Zhytomyr region suffered a lot. Therefore they were in need of medical transport and received one thanks to our Dutch partners.

We heartily thank everyone who took part in these charitable projects!


Feeding refugees

The largest refugee crisis in the world in the 21st century was caused by the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine on February 24, 2022. More than 13.1 million people were forced to flee Ukraine to other countries. Another 8 million people became internally displaced persons. Millions of people were left without a roof over their heads, jobs, and means of living. Therefore, the number of those in need has increased significantly. According to the press service of the regional military administration, there are 73,800 internally displaced people in the Zhytomyr region. Our city also actively accepts refugees from the east of Ukraine and does everything possible to help them. As of today, 120 refugees receive free lunches at our soupkitchens. Some people come for lunches themselves, and for those who do not have such an opportunity, our volunteers deliver lunches to their place of residence.