Dental chair for the Lyubar psychoneurological dispensary

The last renovation of the dental office of the Lubarsk psychoneurological men’s dispensary took place back in the 70s of the 20th century. Thanks to our partners from Holland, the office was equipped with a new dental chair. It has already been installed, and the wards of the dispensary receive better treatment for their teeth.


Furniture for the Children’s City Hospital

In times of war, medical equipment is more needed than ever. We sincerely thank our partners from Holland, who provided hospital beds and bedside tables for the new surgical department of the  “Children’s Hospital named after V.Y. Basheka” Zhytomyr City Council.


Assistance to refugees from the war zone

Refugees from the war zone turn to us for help every day. They are forced to flee, leaving behind all their belongings. Many of them even lost their properties due to rocket fire, so they need literally everything. We help them with food packages and detergents.

Making food packages

Mother and daughter from Bakhmut receive food packages and detergents