Empowering Healthcare in Zhytomyr: Collaborative Impact with Dutch Sponsorship

Sponsors from the Netherlands provided significant humanitarian aid to hospitals in the Zhytomyr region.

Expanded Bed Capacities for Enhanced Patient Recovery:

Through your generous contributions, we’ve successfully provided hospitals with an increased number of high-quality beds, prioritizing patient comfort and ensuring a conducive environment for recovery.

Fridge Units for Medicinal Storage:

Fridge units were provided. These fridges play a crucial role in maintaining the effectiveness of medications and vaccines.

Auto Refractometer for Precision Eye Care:

Auto refractometers enhance eye care services, allowing precise examinations and timely interventions.

Operating Tables for Surgical Excellence:

Surgical procedures are now conducted with increased precision and safety, thanks to the donation of modern operating tables. These tables enhance the overall surgical experience for both medical professionals and patients.

Wheelchair Distribution:

A generous contribution of wheelchairs from our sponsors in the Netherlands enables the distribution of wheelchairs to hospitals and promotes enhanced mobility for those facing physical challenges.

Laparoscopy Devices for Advanced Procedures:

Hospitals can perform minimally invasive surgeries, promoting faster recovery and reduced postoperative discomfort with new laparoscopy devices.

On the first day of installation of the laparoscopic device, the first successful operation was performed.

Essential Medicines for Comprehensive Healthcare:

The supply of essential medicines to local hospitals is a direct result of the unwavering support from our Dutch sponsors, ensuring timely and comprehensive healthcare delivery.

This humanitarian aid is necessary and has a positive impact on health care standards, making it possible to provide better quality immediate assistance to residents of the Zhytomyr region. All equipment is being actively used in hospitals.

We thank our Dutch partners on behalf of our community for being a vital part of this work. Your generosity continues to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.



A big gratitude to our partners from Holland, who provided medical equipment, including an X-ray C-arm, for the urology department of “Hospital No. 1” of the Zhytomyr City Council. Thanks to this equipment, doctors will be able to diagnose diseases more accurately and will be able to save the lives of many people.


Rehabilitation equipment

War is a period of time when we are faced with an extraordinary amount of trauma and injury.

Our partners from Holland provided equipment for rehabilitation after severe injuries and illnesses for “Hospital No. 1” of the Zhytomyr City Council. It has already been installed in the rehabilitation department and is actively used in treating patients.


Furniture for the Children’s City Hospital

In times of war, medical equipment is more needed than ever. We sincerely thank our partners from Holland, who provided hospital beds and bedside tables for the new surgical department of the  “Children’s Hospital named after V.Y. Basheka” Zhytomyr City Council.


Medical equipment from the Netherlands

We received humanitarian aid in the form of medical equipment from the Netherlands for the needs of the hospitals in Zhytomyr city and the Zhytomyr region.

Laparoscopy stands

Our hospitals received high-quality laparoscopy stands. They are being used to perform laparoscopic and endoscopic surgeries to provide much better treatment to patients every day.


Also, Zhytomyr regional hospital received a generator.

“This device is very important for us to provide medical assistance when there is a power outage. This is essential at a time like this when our enemies are bombing critical infrastructure of the city and as result, power cuts. But thanks to such equipment, our intensive care, and surgery room continue to work and we can provide emergency medical care”, says the head of the hospital, Bohdan Leskiv.


From the beginning of the war, Malyn and Ovruch communities of the Zhytomyr region suffered a lot. Therefore they were in need of medical transport and received one thanks to our Dutch partners.

We heartily thank everyone who took part in these charitable projects!

Help for war victims

Humanitarian aid from the Netherlands

“House of bread” received another humanitarian cargo from the Netherlands.

One part of this cargo is modern medical equipment, such as an ultrasound machine, a modern mobile X-ray machine, a blood pressure monitor, detergents, hospital beds, and many more. The ultrasound machine was transferred to 2 hospitals in Zhytomyr, and other medical equipment was transferred to hospitals in Baranivka and Pulyna in the Zhytomyr Region.

The second part of the humanitarian cargo is 5.6 tons of bread. Some bread was delivered to the territory that was in the war zone and under Russian occupation. And some was transferred to Teteriv united territorial community, a boarding house, the Ovruch City Council, the Zhytomyr Territorial Center for Social Assistance, and other organizations that help the needy.

Medical programs

We thank our partners from the Netherlands for their regular help with food, utensils, and different medical equipment!

The aid was distributed among Lyubar, Chudniv and Novohrad-Volynsky hospitals of Zhytomyr region.

Medical programs

We thank our partners from the Fund for Aid to Eastern Europe of the Reform Society (SOEGG) for the next humanitarian goods with medical equipment and consumables for medical institutions.

The goods have been unloaded and distributed among Zhytomyr hospitals №1 and №2, regional children’s hospital, oncology hospital, hospitals of Korostyshiv, Novohrad-Volynskyi, Berdychiv, Ovruch, Pulin, Chudniv, Malyn, and others.

Humanitarian aid

Recent events

During the war in Ukraine, our charity foundation received 9 humanitarian cargoes with goods from Europe. These are medical equipment and consumables for hospitals, food, second-hand clothes and shoes, etc. During the war, the authorities simplified the conditions for customs clearance of humanitarian goods, so today it takes much less time to receive, unload and distribute the aid, than in peacetime. Special thanks to friends from the Netherlands!