Medical programs

Stichting Oost-Europahulp Gereformeerde Gezindte provided modern medical equipment to hospitals in Zhytomyr Region

The Stichting Oost-Europahulp Gereformeerde Gezindte (SOEGG) has made a significant contribution to the development of medical infrastructure in the Zhytomyr region. The foundation has procured modern medical equipment for several key healthcare institutions in the region, including the military hospital, the regional hospital, as well as hospitals in Ovruch and Berdychiv.

Specifically, the hospitals received modern surgical instruments, which will greatly enhance the quality and efficiency of surgical procedures. This equipment meets modern medical technology standards and ensures high patient safety.

The military hospital has received particularly crucial assistance in the form of new surgical instruments, enabling high-quality medical care for servicemen. The Zhytomyr Regional Hospital has also been equipped with modern devices, improving the medical services available to residents of the region.

The management of the hospitals in Ovruch and Berdychiv expressed sincere gratitude to the foundation for the provided aid, which is essential for delivering high-level medical care in the region. The SOEGG continues its mission to support and develop medical institutions, contributing to the nation’s well-being.

This initiative is another step toward strengthening Ukraine’s medical system and underscores the importance of international cooperation in healthcare. The SOEGG remains committed to its goal of providing modern and high-quality medical services to all who need them.


Empowering Healthcare in Zhytomyr: Collaborative Impact with Dutch Sponsorship

Sponsors from the Netherlands provided significant humanitarian aid to hospitals in the Zhytomyr region.

Expanded Bed Capacities for Enhanced Patient Recovery:

Through your generous contributions, we’ve successfully provided hospitals with an increased number of high-quality beds, prioritizing patient comfort and ensuring a conducive environment for recovery.

Fridge Units for Medicinal Storage:

Fridge units were provided. These fridges play a crucial role in maintaining the effectiveness of medications and vaccines.

Auto Refractometer for Precision Eye Care:

Auto refractometers enhance eye care services, allowing precise examinations and timely interventions.

Operating Tables for Surgical Excellence:

Surgical procedures are now conducted with increased precision and safety, thanks to the donation of modern operating tables. These tables enhance the overall surgical experience for both medical professionals and patients.

Wheelchair Distribution:

A generous contribution of wheelchairs from our sponsors in the Netherlands enables the distribution of wheelchairs to hospitals and promotes enhanced mobility for those facing physical challenges.

Laparoscopy Devices for Advanced Procedures:

Hospitals can perform minimally invasive surgeries, promoting faster recovery and reduced postoperative discomfort with new laparoscopy devices.

On the first day of installation of the laparoscopic device, the first successful operation was performed.

Essential Medicines for Comprehensive Healthcare:

The supply of essential medicines to local hospitals is a direct result of the unwavering support from our Dutch sponsors, ensuring timely and comprehensive healthcare delivery.

This humanitarian aid is necessary and has a positive impact on health care standards, making it possible to provide better quality immediate assistance to residents of the Zhytomyr region. All equipment is being actively used in hospitals.

We thank our Dutch partners on behalf of our community for being a vital part of this work. Your generosity continues to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.