Medical equipment from the Netherlands

We received humanitarian aid in the form of medical equipment from the Netherlands for the needs of the hospitals in Zhytomyr city and the Zhytomyr region.

Laparoscopy stands

Our hospitals received high-quality laparoscopy stands. They are being used to perform laparoscopic and endoscopic surgeries to provide much better treatment to patients every day.


Also, Zhytomyr regional hospital received a generator.

“This device is very important for us to provide medical assistance when there is a power outage. This is essential at a time like this when our enemies are bombing critical infrastructure of the city and as result, power cuts. But thanks to such equipment, our intensive care, and surgery room continue to work and we can provide emergency medical care”, says the head of the hospital, Bohdan Leskiv.


From the beginning of the war, Malyn and Ovruch communities of the Zhytomyr region suffered a lot. Therefore they were in need of medical transport and received one thanks to our Dutch partners.

We heartily thank everyone who took part in these charitable projects!


Feeding refugees

The largest refugee crisis in the world in the 21st century was caused by the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine on February 24, 2022. More than 13.1 million people were forced to flee Ukraine to other countries. Another 8 million people became internally displaced persons. Millions of people were left without a roof over their heads, jobs, and means of living. Therefore, the number of those in need has increased significantly. According to the press service of the regional military administration, there are 73,800 internally displaced people in the Zhytomyr region. Our city also actively accepts refugees from the east of Ukraine and does everything possible to help them. As of today, 120 refugees receive free lunches at our soupkitchens. Some people come for lunches themselves, and for those who do not have such an opportunity, our volunteers deliver lunches to their place of residence.

School equipment for Zhytomyr Lyceum №25

Zhytomyr Lyceum № 25 was severely damaged as a result of the aerial bombardment that took place in Zhytomyr on the 4th of March. We are very grateful to our friends from Holland, who donated school furniture for it: desks, chairs, cabinets, digital boards, etc. Now students of the 25th Lyceum will be able to continue their studies in well-equipped classrooms that will be prepared for them in various institutions.

Address help

6 tons of flour

We thank the caring people from Rivne who gave us 6 tons of flour. They were equally distributed between the Bereziv Psychoneurological Boarding School of the Zhytomyr Regional Council and the Khoroshiv Psychoneurological Boarding School of the Zhytomyr Regional Council.

Help for war victims


This is a short photo report about a trip to the villages of the Kyiv region liberated from the Russian occupiers. We collected food, medicine, clothes, bedding, bread, and other essentials for people there.

There are no shops, hospitals, or pharmacies in these villages because everything was destroyed. So people are able to survive only thanks to volunteer help.

In the last photos, you can see what the Russians brought to the land of Ukraine.

Help for war victims

Humanitarian aid from the Netherlands

“House of bread” received another humanitarian cargo from the Netherlands.

One part of this cargo is modern medical equipment, such as an ultrasound machine, a modern mobile X-ray machine, a blood pressure monitor, detergents, hospital beds, and many more. The ultrasound machine was transferred to 2 hospitals in Zhytomyr, and other medical equipment was transferred to hospitals in Baranivka and Pulyna in the Zhytomyr Region.

The second part of the humanitarian cargo is 5.6 tons of bread. Some bread was delivered to the territory that was in the war zone and under Russian occupation. And some was transferred to Teteriv united territorial community, a boarding house, the Ovruch City Council, the Zhytomyr Territorial Center for Social Assistance, and other organizations that help the needy.